I choose Sithonia because..

1) Itamus

The mountain and the pine forest which crosses the entire second leg of Halkidiki. Incredibly beautiful scenery that reflects its vegetation on the waters on either side of Sithonia.

Archaeologists have found a multitude of prehistoric settlements in their entirety here, as the area was inhabited since 4,000 BC. Its highest altitude is 808 meters above sea level. An ideal place for hiking with breathtaking views. At night, foxes come all the way down to the road.

2) Upper Nikita

The transformation of the historic community of Nikitas is today a model of a preserved settlement that has revived uniquely thanks to the restoration of exceptional houses and the creation of new entertainment poles. A scenery-village which rises all the way up to the historic temple of Agios (saint) Nikitas. With mild growth and constant interventions on its paved streets, it will become the most desirable place of Sithonia in the near future. Don’t forget to buy the famous Sithon honey from the “sousoura” plants.

3) Tristinika

A stunning beach with incredible waters and the historic hippie bar Ethnic dominating the hill. Deep, uniquely blue waters and thick white sand create a rare scenery. The nearby, less known beach of Kryfos Paradisos (Hidden Paradise) can be reached by crossing a stretch of reeds, and remains one of the few nudist beaches in Halkidiki.

4) Cruise at Mount Athos

A Monastic State, the last Avaton of Europe. A visual and aesthetic illusion with twenty monasteries of Byzantine architecture, twelve “sketes” and more than 800 cells. A silent dance of 2000 monks who not only live, operate and protect the rare monument of Orthodox Christian monasticism, but also live a life of grace and contact with the Divine.

Mount Athos was rightly declared as one of Unesco’s World Cultural Heritage places. From May to October boats make daily cruises from Ormos Panagias in Sithonia, offering a first-rate opportunity for visual acquaintance with unique landscapes and buildings as well.

5) Diaporos

A small island that people often describe – and rightly so – as the Caribbean of Greece. Yannis Boutaris, the Mayor of Thessaloniki, spends his summers here among the many celebrities of the international jet set who visit the island incognito. The island is only ten minutes off the coast of Vourvourou by boat. A paradise on earth.

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