A Parthenon in Neos Marmaras

View from Parthenon

The existence of a Parthenon in Neos Marmaras, even only by name, surprises the unsuspected visitor who is visiting Chalkidiki for the very first time.

The traditional settlement of Parthenon has existed since the 9th century B.C., according to reports from ancient Greek historian Herodotus. People referred to it as “Parthenni” and “Parthenion” during the Byzantine era. Some historians place it in Lóggos, but have not determined its exact location. Others argue that the settlers moved it to its current location.

Sunsets that leave you breathless

Five kilometers from Neos Marmaras and only 300 meters above sea level, Parthenon has open views to the forests of Sithonia, the Porto Karas estate, and Kelyfos (shell) islet. Last but not least, Toroneos gulf with the incredible sunsets!

Olive groves, succeeded by a dense pine forest stretching high up to Mt. Dragoundeli, welcome the visitor. Here visitors can experience one of the most enjoyable activities that take place during the summer. The participants go on a hike up a picturesque trail from the foot to the top of the mountain. Afterwards they all meet at the village square where a variety of festivities follows.


View of the Parthenon settlement

The approx. 500 residents that lived in Parthenon abandoned the village in the 70’s to settle in Neos Marmaras. This resulted in the settlement being totally deserted.

A few years later, following the initiative of the “Parthenon” association and the efforts of residents and visitors, the restoration of the village began. To date, all the houses of the village have been restored according to the traditional Macedonian architecture.

Parthenon is one of the most beautiful places Chalkidiki has to present today. It is only a five-minute drive from Hotel Akrotiri and we strongly recommend that you visit it.

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