Hotel Operation Handbook


The hotel consists of three floors, 16 rooms (11 double, 3 triple & 2 single). Capacity 33 people.

Ground floor: 2, 3, 4, 5.

1st floor: 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11

2nd floor: 12,13,14,15,16,17

– double rooms with wc (2 single beds joined or separate)

– triple rooms with wc (2 single beds joined & 1 single separate)

– single rooms with wc (2 single beds joined)

There is a washbasin counter in all rooms and in the upper cupboard there is cutlery for use. In the lower cupboard there is the trash can. Cooking is not allowed.


Balcony: Table, chairs, clothes rack with clothespins, sun umbrella / electric tent

Room: Beds, bedside tables, chairs, a closet, a dressing table with a stool, a mirror, a luggage table.

Bathroom: All bathrooms have a shower cabin, a washbasin, and a toilet.

Living room furniture: Chairs, a table, a stool.


A/C, flat-screen TV, table lamp, hairdryer, water kettle, tablet device for mosquitoes.




Curtains, pillow and mattress covers, lower bed sheets, upper bed sheets, sleeping pillows, cushions, pique blankets, blankets, hem, face towels, bath towels, foot mat, non-slip mat.


Clean and polished shoes, not heels.

Mild fragrance for the armpits and generally no intense body fragrances.

Discreet makeup.

‘No earrings and jewelry.

‘No painted nails

Well-groomed hair


The employees feel comfortable in their workplace and their posture is characterized by discretion and tact.

They do not consume alcohol during work hours.

They protect and maintain all facilities and equipment of the hotel.

They do not use the hotel facilities and equipment for their own benefit

They make sure that their presence in the hotel sections during non-working hours is discreet.

Smoking is not allowed in all areas inside the hotel. The relevant state law for visitors and employees is strictly observed.

They are not allowed to take hotel food, clothing, or anything else that belongs to the hotel after their shift is over without the prior permission of the management.

Employees use areas and toilets of the hotel staff and not the guests’.

They constantly check their areas of jurisdiction and intervene in cleaning issues immediately.

They store their personal belongings, bags, and clothes in the designated staff areas and not in common areas.


The hotel staff greets guests or colleagues when entering or leaving the area.

They turn up for work ten minutes (10΄) before they start their shift.

They do not take an arbitrary break, without consulting the Management.

They leave their shift after they have completed all the current work.

After the end of their shift, they inform their colleagues about the urgent cases related to the work and the visitors’ needs, and they record the secondary ones in the logbook of the Hotel Reception.

They willingly execute the instructions of the hotel management which are within the framework of reasonable general work and professional practices or specifics of the hotel.

They submit comments, improvements, innovations related to the object of their work.

They show solidarity and a spirit of cooperation with their colleagues.

They leave their personal and family issues out of business as soon as they start their shift, as they do not concern either the hotelier or the visitors.

They converse about business issues with their colleagues quickly and discreetly not at the expense of visitors’ service time.

They do not shout in front of the visitors, nor during their absence. As it is commonly said,”The walls in hotels have ears.”

Breakfast is permitted only in the designated area specified by the Hotel Management.

The staff takes care of the collection of waste of all kinds that it produces.

The Staff enjoys their coffee during the break at the designated location.

Safety and hygiene rules are always in the minds of the employees and are strictly observed.


They serve the guests, welcome them, and direct them to the hotel rooms.

They provide visitors with special, oral (brief) or written (special information booklet) information, a local map, and a hotel card with its details.

They receive phone calls or messages on behalf of potential visitors or mediates services, and provides basic information when needed.

They provide consistently quality administrative and secretarial work, they are informed on general issues of hospitality, tourism, and hotel legislation.

They handle mechanical and internet tools, booking platforms, communication (e-mail, fax) booking machines, social media and respond in general and specifically to the modern needs of communication and technology.

They keep the shift cash register and give an account to their replacement and at the end of the day to the Management.

They update the accounts, check their correctness, check for duplications, classify the debtors, deal with the payment of bills with other companies.

They ensure the smooth process of the check-in and check-out of the guests with proper preparation and provision.

They are capable of handling Booking.Com.

They have a professional appearance.

High-level communication skills, both written and oral.

Foreign languages: English

Ability to deal with critical issues.

Ability to organize, deal with multiple issues, prioritize, and work under pressure.

Constantly control the entrance and exit of the hotel.

Adhere to the specially certified statements and the rules of Hygiene, according to the Health Protocols.

They do not leave their post and are constantly engaged in one of the parts of the tasks assigned to them.

In dead times they perform small cleaning works of the Reception area.MAIDS

The hotel maids are in charge of combining room cleaning, public areas of the hotel and laundry.

They control the receipt and delivery of the hotel clothing from the external laundry.

They record the rooms that are cleaned (arrivals/guests) to the cleaning plan.

They monitor the stock of raw materials, cleaning materials as well as clothing in general.

They report faults and repair minor technical problems.

They receive the room cleaning plan daily.

They supply the linen closets needed for each room such as sheets and towels, and their baskets with the disposable products that supply the room and the bathroom, as well as the detergents and the necessary room cleaning equipment.

They undertake the cleaning of the balcony, bathroom in the rooms, as well as the supply of disposable products that are placed in it according to the standards of the hotel business.

They always thoroughly clean the bedroom and the rest of the room depending on its size, and they make up for anything that is missing or used in the room.

They deliver the forgotten items of the guests who have left for their safekeeping in the lost and found department.

A maid should be reliable, responsible, discreet, consistent.

The hotel maid must know how to listen carefully, not to gossip, and follow the instructions of the Management.

They must be polite and have good interpersonal relationships, as well as cooperate with the rest of the staff and the guests.

They must be informed of the operation of the equipment and facilities. Maids must have cleaning skills and take care of their personal cleanliness.

They must show willingness, good mood, and positive attitude even in the most difficult situations.

In case they are not able to serve, they direct the guest to the Reception.


Reception open for 16 hours

Our hotel has an open reception for 16 hours, with internal telephone access for 24 hours.

Alarm service available. Please contact Reception.


Arrival times 15:00 – 22:00

Arrival can be made earlier depending on the condition of the room after consultation with the Reception


On the day of departure please vacate your room by 11:00 in the morning. Departure can be made later upon request and is subject to availability.

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

Routes and bus prices (KTEL)

EXCURSIONS / CRUISES The reception staff will inform you about beautiful areas you can visit and book your tickets.

CAR RENTALS / motorbikes / bicycles boats. Prices and availability at the Reception.

TRANSPORTATION to and from the airport (by taxi, extra charge)

COMPUTER If you need a computer temporarily, contact the Reception to get a laptop, free of charge.

For fax prints, scans, photocopies you will be served at the Reception, free of charge.


Free of charge! Wi-Fi is available in both public areas and rooms.

Password: a2375072191

Air conditioning
The A/C unit operates from the remote control in your room. Each apartment has its own independent A/C unit.

For the operation of the A/C, it is necessary to place the room card in the special slot at the entrance of the room. Please make sure that all windows and doors are closed.

Central safe

The hotel has a central safe in which you can store your valuables in a folder provided by the reception, after completing a list of these items and signing it.

A water heater is available in all hotel rooms. We offer 1.5 lt of bottled water.

All hotel rooms are equipped with a mini maintenance fridge.

There is a hairdryer available for personal use in the room.

Floors Department:

Rooms are cleaned and tidied daily. Regular cleaning starts at 10:00 a.m. In case you want your room to be cleaned within a certain period of time, please inform the Reception.

Bed linen is changed every 3 days. Bathing towels every 2 days. If you want to change towels more often please contact the Reception.

But think about how many tons of towels are washed daily unnecessarily and how much detergent is consumed, which pollutes the water and the environment in general. Towels on the bathroom floor means “change”. Towels hung, means they will be “reused”

A baby cot in each room always upon your request and consultation/confirmation with the Hotel before your arrival.